Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Web Wars Episode X: Attack of the Digital Economy Bill

A long time ago in a Parliament not so far away, the evil dark Lord Mandelson set about his ruthless plan of eradicating the people's freedom on the Internet by introducing the Digital Economy Bill.

After the Date of Royal Assent on April 12th, the Bill is to commence on June 12th, in just 10 days time. Internet Connections will be shut down for anyone even suspected of breaching copyright in any way. A state of martial law is to be instigated for web surfers and the Ofcom Stormtroopers, already regulating the galaxy with an iron fist, will send offenders to concentration camps - where they will learn to pay attention.

Although Darth Brown and the evil Labour Empire have been defeated, the new rebel coalition alliance appears unable to repeal the bill, despite strong reservations.

In this already troubling time filled with recession, volcanoes, oils spills and Google spies, there seems no hope for the band of hapless web surfers...

Disclaimer: All characters portrayed in the above scroll are both fictional and feckless characters. Any references to persons living or dead are purely coincidental. Further more, any digital copyright infringement on a well known science fiction series is null and void as per section 1.03 of the Sense of Humour Act 2010.

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