Thursday, 4 March 2010

Get on your soapbox

Now far be it from me to point out the irony of me promoting a tool that allows people to get on their soapbox and rant about world issues, it is my duty to report the release of yet another members feature from the boffins at Dadooda.

The Soapbox, which is available from the left hand column of all pages, allows members to log in and cast their vote on world issues and post their comments on the hot topic of the moment.

Now if, like me, you find you can be quite opinionated on matters pertaining to the world we live in, this is a nice little feature to get your views seen and heard. It is also a great way to communicate with fellow members, which of course is keeping with the craze of this social networking malarkey that is so big at the moment.

Just become a member of Dadooda and submit your rant. Oh don’t worry, it’s free and there is no catch!

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