Monday, 15 March 2010

Voicing an opinion on these useless bankers

If I, in my role as supreme technical overlord for a web development company, broke all of our web servers and caused our customers to go out of business, would I be rewarded? No I would probably be escorted out of the office head first and told I would never work again. Likewise if, in my role as legendary racing driver, I turned up and crashed into a wall at every race, would I get a pat on the back? No I'd get a punch in the face and then get sacked by the team.

These startling revelations bring me swiftly onto the subject of bankers bonuses. These greedy excuses for human beings are largely responsible for the financial mess we are in today. Their irresponsible lending of money that didn't exist is just one of many failures that have helped push us into this recession.

Now, a bonus should only be possible if the money is there to do it. If the banks have no money, how can they give bonuses? Also, surely bonuses should be given to those who deserve it – like people who have done a good job. The bankers obviously haven't done a good job have they? So how about a proper performance related pay scheme, whereby the bankers have to take a pay cut until we are out of this mess?

Now I could go on for hours but I'm limited to a few hundred words in these blogs so I'll leave you with this interesting thought: if I, in my role of racing journalist and satirical blogger, wrote an article that offended all and sundry, would I be praised and given a bonus? Well yes I probably would but that is a different matter altogether!

So there you have it; double standards! What do you think? Log into Dadooda, get on your soapbox and voice your opinion!

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